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Credit Line
Business Banking Loan Credit Line

Credit Line or Credit Limit is maximum amount of money which the bank has been determined and promised to offer to customer (individual or company) depending on credit worthiness of customer.

Benefits of Using

For the Customer

  • Deserve a right to use credit services and miscellaneous products of the Bank.
  • Have financial resource to use when needed.
  • Create confidence between seller and buyer. Deserve more opportunity to run business.
  • Facilitate cash flow.
  • Have opportunity to use credit services and miscellaneous products of the Bank.

For Society: Participate in economic development through

  • Employment creation.
  • Provide more opportunity for running national and international business.
  • Increase tax revenue.
  • Reinforce payment mechanism to be more effective.
  • Increase more confidence of people in public to the Bank.

Eligibility of applying For Company

  • Company with good reputation and have stable business record and financial standing.
  • Company is registered and has business license complied with the law of Cambodia.
  • Company has stable cash flow and transparency.

Eligibility of applying For individual

  • Cambodia citizen at age of 18 or above.
  • Have family book, ID card, or other alternatives.

For more information

Please visit your nearest PPCBank branch, chat with us here or call our hotlines
𒐪096 3 90🐻9 909 / 023 909 909 available 24/7 for you.