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Corporate Information

Bank Name:PPCBank
Bank Date of Establishment:September 01, 2008
Register No.:00015794
Paid-up Capital:US$ 114 Million
Number of Employees:486 (As of December, 2022)

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors holding office are:
  • Advisor at JB Financial Group Co., Ltd (March 2021 – Present)
  • President, CEO at Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd (Nov 2014 – March 2021)
  • Chairman, CEO at JB Woori Capital Co., Ltd (Sep 2011 – Oct 2014)
  • Founder, CEO at Pegasus Private Equity Co., (Apr 2008 – Aug 2011)
  • Founder, CEO at Meritz Investment Partners Co., (May 2005 – Mar 2008)
  • Founder, CEO at Taurus Venture Capital Co., (Aug 1997 – Apr 2005)
  • Founder, CEO at Lim & Partners Co., (Mar 1996 – Jul 1997)
  • Manager at Daishin Securities Co., Ltd (Mar 1986 – Feb 1996)

Mr. Bang Keuk Bong

Mr. Bang Keuk Bong

  • Deputy CEO at Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd. (Jan 2022 – Present)
  • At Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd. (Jul 1994 – Dec 2021) – General Manager of Anhaenggyo Branch
    – General Manager of HR Supporting Department
    – General Manager of Customer Service Department.
    – General Manager of General Strategy & Planning Department.

Mr. Sim Sang Ton

Mr. Sim Sang Ton

  • Director at APRO Financial Co., Ltd (Jun 2004 – Present)
  • Representative Director at OK Financial Group (May 2014 – Present)
  • Representative Director at YES Capital Co., Ltd (Dec 2013 – Present)

Mr. Hong Jeesoo

Mr. Hong Jeesoo,

Independent Member
  • CEO at SolomonM (Jan 2022 – Present)
  • CEA at INFINIQ (Apr 2021 – Present)
  • CEO at Hyundai MnSoft (Feb 2017 – Mar 2021)
  • EVP at Hyundai Autoever (Jan 2010 – Jan 2017)
  • VP at Hyundai Motor (Apr 2004 – Dec 2009)
  • Director at Accenture (a.k.a Anderson Consulting) (Jan 2000 – Mar 2004)

Mr. Lee Myungsang

Mr. Lee Myungsang

Independent Member
  • Advisor at Woori Investment & Securities Co., Ltd (March 2023 – Present)
  • CEO at Woori Investment & Securities Co., Ltd (March 2020 – March 2023)
  • Head of Money Market Group (Assistant Executive Vice President) at Wooribank (Dec 2017 – Dec 2018)
  • Head of Money Market Group (Managing Director) at Wooribank (Oct 2017 – Dec 2017)
  • Headquarter Sale Management (Director) at Wooribank (Dec 2014 – Oct 2017)
  • Chief Secretary at Wooribank (Nov 2014 – Dec 2014)
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers (Cambodia) Ltd


Principal Shareholders The shares of PPCBank are held by Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary company of JB Financial Group based in Korea), Apro Financial Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary company of J&K Capital Co.,Ltd which is under the supervision of OK Financial Group) and JB Woori Capital Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary company of JB Financial Group based in Korea) with the numbers of shares and percentages as follow:
Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd.57,00050%
Apro Financial Co., Ltd.45,60040%
JB Woori Capital Co., Ltd.11,40010%

Banking License

The National Bank of Cambodia allows Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Plc to carry out banking operation at Nº 217, Norodom Blvd (Street 41), Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh.Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Plc shall abide by the law on Banking and Financial Institutions and all rules, regulations, circulars, and conditions issued by the National Bank of Cambodia.
Bank License