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Enjoy Paying Online Safely with PPCBank Visa Card

PPCBank is proud to add an additional layer of security (3-D Secure) to our Visa Card. It offers customers extra peace of ♎mind when making payments worldwide. The PPCBank Visa Ca✤rd offers convenience and security for online purchases, paying via POS machine, or withdrawing from any ATM around the world where Visa is accepted.

With PPCBank’s advanced 3-D Secure technology, customers can be confident that their payments are all secure and protected. When customers make a purchase, they will receive an OTP (One Time Password) through the PPCBank Mobile App or via SMS. This verification code is to ensure that no payments go through without the customer authorizing them. This makes ordering food on Nham 24, booking Grab, or making online purchases a safe and secure pleasure.

There are two types of PPCBank Visa Card. The PPCBank Visa Debit Card deducts the payment directly from the customer’s account, while the PPCBank Visa Credit Cardallows customers to spend now and pay back later. Both cards provide customers with a safe and secure shopping experience. For added convenience, it also means that customers can avoid the risks associated with carrying cash.To enjoy safe and secure online payments, customers can easily apply for their PPCBank Visa Card at any of the bank’s branches. For more information, please call 096 3 909 909 or 023 909 909.