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Online Payment Gateway with

We provide a secure online payment gateway that allows merchants to receive payments from PPCBank and other bank customers via Bakong’s KHQR during online shopping.

Make your Online Payment secure and easy

PPCBank offers a modern and secure online payment gateway (account payment) with a few simple steps which merchants can receive payments online from PPCBank or other banks’ customers via Bakong’s KHQR every time customers purchase online products on your website or mobile app with our open-source API that is available for merchan💖ts who wish to accept an online payment process with PPCBank.

Business Type Suitability

    • 1
      Food delivery

    • 2
      Online marketplace and E-commerce websites or Apps

    • 3
      Booking apps or websites (taxi, bus, flight etc.)

    • 4
      Top-up (membership cards, wallets, subscriptions)

    • 4
      Bill payment (internet, TV, etc.)

    • 5
      Any businesses which accept (or wish to accept) payments online from customers

Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy to intergrate with no cost

  • Free of change on transaction fee

  • Fully support merchant during and after integrate

  • Support on marketing activities and promote merchant on bank’s social channel

  • Merchants increase their sales volume from PPCBank’s customer or other bank’s customer (through KHQR)

  • Merchant can check transaction and account balance on PPCBank’s SmartBiz

  • Other benefits maybe providing and offering from time to time by PPCBank


    • 1
      Fill-in online application

    • 2
      Open bank account

  • 3
    Sign agreement

  • 4
    Integration and testing

  • 5
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