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Loan Against Deposit
Personal Banking Loan Loan Against Deposit

PPCBank now offers a smart loan-against-deposit for those who need emergency cash. You can apply for a loan instantly on PPCBank Mobile App without losing any accrued interest. Loans can be approved for up to 95% of the deposit amount.


    • 1
      No fees

    • 2
      Convenient loan application

  • 3
    No penalties for early loan repayment

  • 4
    3% interest per annum on deposit amount when opening account at a branch, and 2% p.a when opening account via PPCBank Mobile App

  • 5
    Loan terms based on the maturity date of Fixed Deposit

  • 6
    Loan amount of up to 95% of the deposit amount
Loan Against Deposit Key BENEFITS

  • Personal

    • National ID Card or Valid Passport
  • Business

    • Certificate of Registration
    • Current Tax Patent/VAT Registration Certificate
How to get Loan Against Deposit?
  • Tap on “Login to My Account”
  • Tap “GET LOAN NOW”
  • Tap “I AGREE”, to agree with Terms and Conditions
  • Fill out your credit reporting application form, then tap “CONFIRM”
  • Enter the loan amount, select repayment type, then tap “NEXT”
  • Confirm your information by tapping “YES”
  • Name your account, then “CONFIRM”
  • Enter your mobile login pass code or use biometric authentication to confirm your loan request